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Tune-Up Kit Program [for Your Ice Cream Machine]

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The last thing you need to worry about on a busy day is whether or not you have extra parts available for your soft-serve ice cream machine. While you can always order individual pieces, TSBL Distributing offers a more straightforward solution: the Tune-Up Kit Program.
Having a tune-up kit on hand is the secret to ensuring your soft-serve ice cream machine is always running smoothly.

Enrolling in our Tune-Up Kit Program ensures you have what you need when you need it. Think of Tune-Up Kits as an oil change for your machine. Would you buy a car and never get an oil change to keep it running efficiently? No. Using a Tune-Up Kit as needed will help with overall performance, customer satisfaction, and longevity.

Keep your ice cream machine in peak condition using the tune-up kit program from TSBL Distributing. Learn more about what’s included in the Tune-Up Kit program and the benefits of this reliable service.

What’s Included in the Kits

TSBL Distributing offers convenient packages called Tune-Up Kits, filled with machine-specific part replacements. Get the high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials you need to reduce downtime and keep your customers happy.

These kits include everything you’ll need to keep your machine running at peak efficiency, including:

  • O-rings: If o-rings show signs of wear or tear, it’s time to replace them. This prevents bacteria from growing and poor machine performance.
  • Food-safe lube: Food-safe lubricant helps keep your machine running smoothly. If you are low on food-safe lubricant, it’s best to always keep extra on hand.
  • Scraper blades: Scraper blades should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on how often the machine is used. Check the scraper blades for any damage or decreased resistance during regular machine cleaning. If you notice any issues, it’s time to replace the blades.
  • Seals & miscellaneous plastic parts: These small parts are model-specific and more susceptible to wear and tear over time. Having extras on hand is best practice.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Automated System

Enrolling in our Tune-Up Kit Program will send machine-specific and pre-packaged tune-up kits to your establishment at your discretion. Choose from every month up to every 12 months. Never get stuck without an essential part. By automating this process, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and it can prevent machine downtime. The best part? If you sign up for the program, you’ll get X off every X kit free!

TSBL Distributing’s Tune-Up Kits include everything you need to keep your Taylor soft-serve ice cream machines at maximum efficiency. We craft these kits to remove any guesswork on what’s needed for your machine. Then again, you always have the option to purchase individual parts as needed through our parts department.

Get Started With Our Tune-Up Kit Program!

Save time and money by regularly replacing your parts. O-rings, seals, and blades have the most wear and tear and must be replaced frequently to keep your machine running at optimal performance. Thankfully, these wearable parts can easily be replaced during routine machine cleaning.

New parts will also extend the life of your ice cream machine while providing high-quality product to your customers. Having a tune-up kit or two available is recommended so that you always have what you need when you need it.

TSBL Distributing recommends replacing these kits every two, three, six, or 12 months, depending on the specific machine and usage. This will help to maintain peak performance. Instead of worrying about ordering more, invest in the automated ordering system through TSBL Distributing. You’ll get machine-specific Tune Up Kits with everything you need for the make and model of your machine. Connect with our experts today to get onboarded for the Tune-Up Kit Program.

Tune-Up KitDescriptionFits Models (all configurations)
SM-KIT-SS-1F-SSoft Serve, 1 Flavor (v1 and v2), Small BarrelSM-6210, SM-6220, SM-6218, SM-6228
SM-KIT-SS-2F-SSoft Serve, 2 Flavor + Twist (v1 and v2), Small BarrelSM-6235, SM-6245, SM-6250
SM-KIT-SS-3F-SSoft Serve, 3 Flavor + 2 Twist (v1 and v2), Small BarrelSM-6265, SM-6268
SM-KIT-SS-1F-LSoft Serve, 1 Flavor (v1 ad v2), Large BarrelSM-6236, SM-6338
SM-KIT-SS-2F-LSoft Serve, 2 Flavor + Twist (v1 and v2), Large BarrelSM-6260, SM-6378
SM-KIT-AIR-2FSM Air-Pump Tune-Up Kit - 2 FlavorAll Air Pump Models
Scraper BladeDescriptionFits Models (all configurations) Blade - Plastic - 1.8qt - 6.2cm V1 (6 Pack)V1 Beaters: SM-6220, SM-6228, SM-6235, SM-6250, SM-6265, SM-6268 Blade - Plastic - Small - V2 (6 Pack)V2 Beaters: SM-6220, SM-6228, SM-6235, SM-6250, SM-6265, SM-6268 Blade - Plastic - 3.4qt - 20.5cm V1 (6 Pack)V1 Beaters: SM-6236, SM-6260, SM-6378, SM-6338 Blade - Plastic - Large - V2 (6 Pack)V2 Beaters: SM-6236, SM-6260, SM-6378, SM-6338 Blade - Plastic - 24.6cm V1 (3 Pack)V1 Beater: SM-6210 Blade - Plastic - 24.6cm V2 (2 Pack)V2 Beater: SM-6210