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Ventless options are a great way for a convenience stores, bars or quick-service restaurant to start serving hot foods to their customers. Specifically, C-Stores and QSRs like the fact that our equipment can help meet their customer expectations for speed of service, most customer usually expect their food in five minutes or less when making a purchase from these operations. Another benefit of Broaster Ventless equipment is that is allows all types of foodservice operations to set up shop or place equipment on countertop space or an existing kitchen with limited room.


Our compact ventless pressure fryers fit virtually any countertop. Since they include self-venting technology, they do not require a hood system to operate*.  Safety Features include:

  • Built in fire-suppression system
  • Resettable high-temp limit switch
  • Auto-lift feature that raises and lowers the basket
These are newly designed for 2021 with an easy to operate – SmartTouchTM touch screen controller features a large, full color, touch screen display with was to navigate menu and ability to pre-program up to 100 menu items. 

*local codes prevail

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two ventless fryers equipment
A Smokaroma pressure smoker equipment


The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker combines the modern scientific method of pressure cooking with pressure smoking to create deliciously juicy, smoked foods.

Traditional pits require constant attention, such as turning the food and basting, while the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker eliminates the need for constant labor, while producing flavorful results in much shorter time.

Hot or “cold” smoke food products, including all types of meats, poultry, vegetables, cheese and sea foods.

Compared to the traditional dry method of smoking, pressure smoking locks in the juices and can reduce product shrinkage by 40%, resulting in a moist and flavorful product.

This compact, electric smoker occupies a small footprint and its casters provide additional mobility. With the optional water baffle, a vent hood is not needed to operate, as the unit is completely self-contained.

The unit is also economical; once the proper pressure is reached, the unit idles and the product smokes on its own.

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Instant Burger® cooks great tasting burgers and other food products evenly without flipping or splattering grease.

  • Cooks 2 fresh burgers in less than a minute. Over 200 burgers can be cooked in an hour*.
  • Compact design requires only 23″ x 16″ of counter space. No hood required to operate*.

*local codes prevail

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A instand Burger equipment


A ventless hood system for Broaster

Compact and versatile— one-of-a-kind stainless steel hood provides the necessary vapor removal requirements for all current electric models of Broaster® pressure fryers.

Specifically designed bullnose for Broaster Pressure Fryers.

  • Simple to install—eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors supplying separate hood and electrical systems.
  • Safe—includes built-in Ansul R-102 fire suppression system with piping, nozzles (appliance and plenum), and conduit routing the fusible link cable through the hood.

Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens

TurboChef rapid cook ovens utilize top and/or bottom air impingement assisted by precise bursts of RF energy to decrease cook times by more than 80% without compromising quality.

Turbo Chef ECO SS


The Eco oven is the most energy-efficient TurboChef oven and their smallest footprint – only 16″ wide, 22 inches deep.

Turbo Chef Eco El Bandido

ECO El Bandido Panini Press Oven

Everything you love about the Turbo Chef ECO but with an included High-quality Panini Press. 

Turbo CHef ECO ST


Utilizing TurboChef’s patented technology to rapidly cook food, the ECO ST is a smaller version of the ECO at only 14.25″ Wide. 

ECO ST El Bandido Panini Press Oven

This is a a smaller version that uses less power for those tight spaces.