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Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer

The next generation in pressure fryers has arrived. Broaster company is proud to introduce the E-series, featuring enchanted efficiency in both electric and gas models. The world’s most advanced pressure fryer has arrived.

With Less time spent operating, training staff, cleaning and maintaining the equipment, the E-Series is the solution that operators are looking for at add value to their cooking lines. 

Energy Efficient in Every Way: The gas-fueled E-series 18G boasts the highest-level energy efficiency offering a 50,000 BTU/HE efficient turner system, which as computed to the current Broaster 1800 model is greater than 23% less gas usage. 



Our state-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:

  • More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
  • Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage
  • Greater food production per machine for a better RO

Pressure Fryers sizes:

The Broaster Pressure Fryers comes in three sizes:

BROASTER 1600:  16 pieces of fresh bone-in chicken per load.

BROASTER 1800: 32 pieces of fresh bone-in chicken per load

BROASTER 2400: 48-64 pieces of fresh boneiin pieces of chicken per load


Three Broaster pressure fryer equipment sizes

Download Spec sheet

A Broaster ventless fryer show the V2 & V3

Download Spec sheets


Our compact ventless pressure fryers fit virtually any countertop. Since they include self-venting technology, they do not require a hood system to operate*.  Safety Features include:

  • Built in fire-suppression system
  • Resettable high-temp limit switch
  • Auto-lift feature that raises and lowers the basket
These are newly designed for 2021 with an easy to operate – SmartTouchTM touch screen controller features a large, full color, touch screen display with was to navigate menu and ability to pre-program up to 100 menu items. 

*local codes prevail


The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker combines the modern scientific method of pressure cooking with pressure smoking to create deliciously juicy, smoked foods.

  • Requires minimum kitchen space in kitchen and casters are standard, making unit portable.
  • Fast and easy operation increases productivity.
  • Pressure smoking reduces shrinkage up to 40% over other methods.
  • Smoke up to 45 pounds of ribs in under 90 minutes.
A Smokaroma pressure smoker equipment
A instand Burger equipment


Instant Burger® cooks great tasting burgers and other food products evenly without flipping or splattering grease.

  • Cooks 2 fresh burgers in less than a minute. Over 200 burgers can be cooked in an hour*.
  • Compact design requires only 23″ x 16″ of counter space. No hood required to operate*.

*local codes prevail

Download the Instant Burger spec sheet

Download the Smokaroma Spec sheet


Broaster Company logo

With over 65 years of experience and thousands of licensed operators worldwide, no one understands the needs of operators better than Broaster Company. From Genuine Broaster Chicken® to the easy and convenient Broaster Express® Program, and the recently launched Rock County Smokehouse, Broaster Company offers branded food concepts that increase customer traffic and generate bigger profits.

Genuine Broaster Chicken

Broaster logo

This is truly one-of-a-kind chicken. And the only one that delivers memorable meal experiences for customers. It’s Genuine Broaster Chicken®, and it’s been a trusted iconic brand for more than 65 years. Genuine Broaster Chicken is prepared with the freshest available chicken, proprietary ingredients and our own unique cooking process. It’s pressure fried in a patented Broaster Pressure Fryer. The end result is an amazing aroma and incomparable taste that chicken lovers crave. A taste beyond expectation. It’s the taste of chicken perfected and the only one that can truly be called Genuine Broaster Chicken.

Broaster Express

Broaster Express logo

For convenience store owners, Broaster Express is a top choice to meet your foodservice needs. It’s the perfect meal or snack satisfaction for people on the go. The Broaster Express® Branded Food Program features our exclusive Broaster Ventless Fryers or our Broaster Pressure Fryers, delicious top-quality, ready-to-cook Broaster Foods®, unique flavor profiles and nationally recognized branding. We also offer a full line of appetizers and dipping sauces. It’s an unbeatable line-up of grab ‘n’ go deliciousness that will keep customers coming back again and again.

Rock County Smokehouse

Now you can feature a variety of fresh meats from ribs to pulled pork to tender and juicy brisket. Seasoned to perfection with a proprietary rub of blended spices. Smoked in-house to satisfy all the senses. And topped with the scrumptious sauces customers love. Bring the great taste of delicious, real wood-smoked BBQ to your customers. Create your own neighborhood smokehouse with our turnkey Rock County Smokehouse.

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