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TSBL Distributing has a full range of options for every beverage need, from bean to cup to smoothies, Frozen Carbonated Beverages or frozen cocktails we have a solution for any restaurant, fast-casual, fast-food or C-Store. Contact us today to learn more. 


The Xpress Touch 6 system brings technology, speed, and café quality beverages to you and your customers in one simple to use machine. Delighting both self-serve and attended operations with the greatest variety of beverages, this system can deliver over 1,000 different drink combinations. A 12 oz beverage takes less than 25 seconds!

If you want to offer a full menu of beverages, the Xpress Touch 6 is the model for you. This model offers the basic menu (espresso, Americano or Brewed Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccinos, steamed milk and hot water) plus up to 6 flavors. Using our patented EspressJet Flavor Systems to infuse flavors directly into the beverages, you can offer delicious beverages like Vanilla Latte, Caramel Mocha, Chai Latte, etc all at the touch of the screen. This model offers hot and iced beverages, 2 types of milk, 2 types of espresso, and up to 6 flavors.

If a Basic Menu is what you want, then we have the Xpress Touch 0 which offers the standard menu without the flavor infusion system.


A concordia bean to cup equipment


A concordia bean-to cup equipment


With our patented ALPS (Accelerated Low Pressure System) technology, your customers can now savor their favorite brewed coffee the way the roast masters intended: perfectly ground, brewed, and prepared one cup at a time, in under 30 seconds. And no more throwing away batches of brewed coffee – it’s fresh in the moment, all day.

Using this technology the Ascent Touch can brew up to two, three, or four distinctly different coffee roasts or varieties from the same machine. The Ascent Touch grinds fresh whole beans to the perfect recipe, and delivers it fast, wherever and whenever your customers want it.


The Zamboozy takes ordinary craft beers and cocktails, and turns them into the next big thing. 


  • Creates amazing “must try” slushies and frozen shots
  • Makes your drinks instant social media stars
  • Delivers perfect consistency and effervescence
  • Rapid recovery for when things get busy
  • Easily customized with a backlit display
  • From the #1 name in frozen beverages
  • Built to serve with the industry’s best support


A zamboozy cocktail frezer equipment

Check out the full line of Cocktail Freezers

Taylor 340

A Taylor 430 frozen beverage soft serve equipment

Taylor 390

A Taylor frozen beverage equipment

Taylor 432

A Taylor two flavor frozen beverage equipment

Taylor 428

A Taylor 428 cocktail freezer equipment

Taylor 430

A Taylor 430 soft serve and beverage equipment

Let the profits pour with Smoothies & Shakes.

Did you know you can use the above Cocktail Freezers to vary your menu by offering shakes & smoothies or fruit juices, coffees, cappuccino, and tea slush beverages, all served at the desired thickness. 


A MagnaBlend Blender


Blend Faster with Our Most Efficient Designs Ever.

MagnaBlend boasts an incredible, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 9-second blend time. Everything about them is designed to help your staff move quickly and efficiently. Nothing moves your operation faster.

  • Instantly craft an endless variety of drinks
  • High-volume throughput for peak demands
  • Ideal for any operation where speed of service is king

Explore Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezers

Taylor®frozen drink machines are available with a variety of options to send your beverage sales soaring. Similar to slush, FCB is infused with carbonated air to create a fluffy, light frozen drink with a taste that kids of all ages,  love. Popular in Convenience Stores, Cinemas, and Theme Parks, FCB products can generate fun, interest, and adult slushies for any foodservice program by mixing multiple flavors, and by creating fun package deals for even more profitable options. With easy-to-use operation, Taylor foodservice equipment delivers consistent quality products draw after draw. Your local authorized Taylor distributor can assist you with planning and customizing options to best suit your foodservice operational goals.

Taylor 349

Taylor 349 Carbonated Beverage Freezer

Taylor C300

A two flavor Frozen carbonated Beverage equipment

Taylor C302

A five flavor Frozen carbonated Beverage equipment

Taylor C303

A three flavor Frozen carbonated Beverage equipment

Taylor C314

A five flavor Frozen carbonated Beverage equipment


Perfect for everything from concession stands to Gas Stations, this frozen drink system whips up to 26 serving per hour, and it’s extremely easy to operate and clean. It features easy-to-use touchpad controls, and a patented commercial design that reduces freeze time with no plumbing required to operate. 

lemonade slush image with no background
A slush drink with straw in plastic cup with no background


A Bunn frozen beverage equipment