Frozen Desserts & Treats (Soft serve ice cream, Frozen Yogurt,
Batch ice cream/gelato)

ttTaylor has been known for decades as the leader is the Soft Serve/Frozen Yogurt equipment community – there is a reason almost all major chains use Taylor and why we work hard to bring that knowledge and technical support to our “Mom & Pop” customers to ensure their profitability.  Whether it be soft serve delights, incredible frozen yogurt flavors, very intense Gelato flavors, or a multitude of different savory desserts, TSBL is there to serve and train our great customer base

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Frozen Beverage (Shakes/Malts, Smoothies, Slushies)

From decadant shakes to frozen cocktails to slush and frozen carbonated beverages, TSBL has your drink menu covered with a vast array of frozen beverage equipment that is tailor made to fit your facility’s unique needs.

These fast, efficient, easy to use frozen beverage machines will eliminate blending and reduce labor costs. Taylor equipment delivers the ‘chill power’ you need to keep your customers coming back for more, and the growth to your bottom line that you’re looking for!

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Flavor Burst

Flavor Burst has revolutionized the soft serve industry with its one-step process for blending flavored syrups with soft serve. Flavor Burst machines incorporate a unique and advanced patented technology that literally stripes the colorful flavoring on the inside and outside of the soft serve without causing it to run off the cone.

Flavor Burst also offers machines that flavor frozen drinks like shakes, smoothies, frozen coffee and frozen cocktails.

Flavor Burst delivers a portion controlled injection of flavorings that allow the operator to blend multiple flavorings in the same serving creating a multitude of flavor possibilities.

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Genuine Broaster Chicken®

Genuine Broaster Chicken® is in a league all its own when it comes to that trademarked flavor and the healthiest you will find. Genuine Broaster Chicken® is a nationally known branded program with NO fees or royalties,  And the flavor profile is all in the chicken, so you will not be paying a king’s ransom for breading.  Pressure frying means faster, juicier, less oil absorption and less fat!

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2-Sided Cooking

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You will be ‘sizzling’ with success when you include Taylor’s 2 sided grill at your eatery.  One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate time, temperature and gap settings for every product.  Choose from either an electric or gas model that features programmable controls with eternal USB port – assuring accurate and easy uploading of last minute menu updates and promotional offerings.

Grilling will be faster and smoother with model standard upper platens that are engineered to close at the touch of a button, along with an air cylinder system that ensures quiet and trouble free operation.  Food Safety and Consistent Product are the key words when it comes to 2 Sided Grills.

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